Plus Dane's story of partnership work rebuilding an estate

Emma Sneyd shared stories of success, focusing on over eight years of partnership working on Bromley Farm in Congleton, Cheshire. There is more from Plus Dane and their neighbourhood investor approach at 


Emma’s presentation is accompanied by a booklet called Bromley farm: partnership working toolkit. You can contact Emma at



Community development national seminar outline

As part of the continuing support offered by the FPM team to the local YPFN partnerships, the second of three national seminars was held on Community Development. You can follow the action in pictures here:



The Objectives of the day were:

  1. Share good practice to date in community development toward building sustainable local partnerships for YPFN
  2. Explore and agree key principles and practices to ensure community engagement and ownership is at the heart of developing the business case
  3. Develop and agree to implement a further process of community development to build the local partnership for sustainable youth provision


The Outline of the day was:


Community mapping 


       Share practice

       Gain common understanding of community and networks


       Community mapping –

      Place own colour sticky dots to map people and places

      Add traffic light postits to reflect levels of influence

       Each comment and reflect on the action plan from last time and recent developments


Stories of success 


       Share and learn from practice

       Explore and understand key principles of community development


       Stories from the ‘hood: Bromley Farm

       Adding to the learning – partnership reflections

       Barriers and opportunities


Community development thinking 

Principles and practice: some key points


      Process and product

      Traps and pitfalls

      Community development – who for and by whom

      Measuring success


Circles of connection 


       Map the local context

       Explore and understanding influence and power


       Take own postits from earlier and then mark them on the circles of connection

       Who’s missing? Who do you need to move inward or outward and how will we do it?


Community development thinking 

Influence and power: some key points:

       Influence and Power

       Developing Groupwork – Life Space


Community Development Skills 


       Explore approaches to community development

       Agree actions to take forward through YPFN


       Map range of approaches and identify pattern

       Plan approaches to build on and introduce

       Explore merits and application of some approaches


Community development thinking 

Community development risks and opportunities

       Rights and citizenship

       Arnstein’s ladder - Remember the window cleaner

       The Matrix – thanks to Caitlin

       Outcomes Based Accountability


Next steps in community development

       Agree next steps using action plan tool


       Review and evaluation

       Thank yous and plans for next time