A model constitution

This document outlines the agreed constitution for a new youth mutual known as Circle Crew for Change Limited. It is a community benefit society solely for young people aged 13 - 25 years, based in Delves Lane, Consett, County Durham.The mutual has a majority membership on the Management Committee of young people and young adults. It was developed through support from local young people, staff of Groundwork North East and FPM, and local key stakeholders, as part of the DfE's Young People Friendly Neighbourhoods national pilot.

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This is a great moment for the young people and the wider community In Delves Lane and all those supporting them. At a time of massive and dispiriting cuts, here is the story of a local community taking a lead in shaping its vision with and for young people in their area; here is a story of workers putting local need and community empowerment first; here is a story of co-creating locally owned sustainable solutions through an organisational model that puts the intended beneficiaries at the heart of the vision and in the driving seat to get there.
Bill - your thoughts and comments are much appreciated! Co-creation and the active involvement of young people has been the essence of this journey and is the fundamental reason that its purpose has been achieved!
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